Simone Catania

Simone Catania

Interview series

Topic: Domain industry

Guest: Michaela Cruden

Topic: ICANN work and objectives in Europe

Guest: Chris Mondini

Topic: DNS security

Guest: Klaus Darilion

Topic: Domain investing

Guest: Andrew Allemann

Topic: Domains and trademarks

Guest: Giovanni Seppia

Topic: Universal Acceptance and IDNs

Guest: Ajay Data

Topic: New gTLD registry

Guest: Daniel Negari

Topic: Encryption

Guest: Dean Coclin

Topic: Domain aftermarket

Guest: Nadine Del Arco

Topic: .com and domain investing

Guest: Aron Meystedt

Topic: GNSO work

Guest: Philippe Fouquart

Topic: ccTLD infrastructure during critical times

Guest: Dmitry Kohmanyuk

Topic: new gTLDs

Guest: Craig Schwartz

Topic: Marketing new gTLDs

Guest: Eshan Pancholi

Topic: African DNS & Internet ecosystem

Guest: Adiel Akplogan

Topic: RIPE work

Guest: Mirjam Kühle